Wednesday , January 24th 2018
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Apple Macbook Pro 15″ 2017

Once you go Mac you never go back right? Well if there’s one laptop in their lineup that gives credence to this common phrase of Mac users it is the Macbook Pro. The 15 inch particularly seems to be the happy middle ground. Offering plenty of real estate screen-wise while maintaining the portability so many of us demand of our laptops.

Apple offers a few different options to try and cater to the various power users who choose the Macbook Pro. There is a 2.8 GHZ Kaby Lake i7 quad-core processor and also a 2.9 GHZ Kaby Lake. The ram is fixed at 16gb but the hard drive can either be a 256gb or 512gb. These storage sizes will vary depending on your utilization of cloud technology and the type of work you’re doing with your laptop. Heavy photo and video editing will require much more space for all those raw images but those who are blogging, writing, browsing, and reading can get away with perhaps a smaller storage. The graphics card also upgrades from a Radeon Pro 555 to the Radeon Pro 560 with the upgrade.

For those who are true power users and demand the top of the line there are a la carte options if you will. These include a 3.1 GHZ Kaby Lake, 1 TB SSD, or even a 2 TB SSD. This Macbook is now the only model Apple sells that has USBA-A, HDMI, and an SD card slot. In a word where we fill our bags with gadgets and gizmos, I think we can all agree that port availability is growing more and more essential to a good laptop.

If it’s one thing that both sides of the Windows vs Mac equation can usually agree on, it is the design and build quality. This aspect of Macbooks is rarely, if ever, brought into question and has been a shining light in recent years when hardware and benchmarks may have lagged. When considering the usage and investment that goes into a laptop like this, the value of durability simply cannot be overstated. They infuse all of these enduring traits in a slim and streamlined case. It’s something few competitors have managed to achieve to this day.

Their Retina display is not too far down in the list of bragging rights when it comes to the Pro. A simply stunning display that leads the market and has been causing jaws to drop since day one.

For those of us who give abuse our keyboards day in and day out know the importance of a quality, strong, and responsive setup. Their second generation butterfly keys never cease to amaze. With a trackpad and keyboard that has become nothing short of legendary over the course of its production, the 2017 Macbook Pro keeps this legacy going.

There is now the addition of the Touch Bar and Touch ID fingerprint reader which has fall somewhere into the abyss of undecided usefulness. It is generally accepted that there will be future releases and focused design work to make better use of the Touch Bar specifically. It can never hurt to be so far ahead of a curve that users have to scratch their head for a minute to figure out the best way to use a feature. Sometimes companies have to provide us something before we know we want it. This may very well be the case with the Apple Touch Bar.

This Macbook will please its loyal users over the years and still give that recognizable awe-inducing experience of a box opening for all new users. It pays tribute to all previous models while offering impressive and noticeable improvements in this iteration. Check off the boxes as you go down the list of what you need from a laptop and you may just find that this laptop leaves you with few reasons not to purchase.